My daughter Julia is in the 6th grade. A few times this school year she mentioned that the teacher asked her to move closer to the front of the class when they were required to copy notes from the smart board. Since Julia had worn glasses for part of grade 1, I thought it would be a good time to take her in to get her eyes looked at again.


Since I have a busy schedule, I loved that I could quickly book an eye exam* on the Canada Pearle Vision scheduler page. I was really happy that I was able to book a weekend appointment so that my daughter would not have to miss any school. Once I had the appointment scheduled I got an email confirmation that included directions and an option to add it right to my calendar. I found this very convenient.


When we arrived at the appointment we were warmly welcomed, and after the paperwork was filled out it was time to get started. The doctor took time to ask both myself and my daughter if we had any concerns. Dr. Lee really took the time to listen before starting the exam*. She asked her about her eyes, but also about other hobbies and interests. Dr. Lee explained to Julia what she was checking every step of the way. I love that the doctor really took the time to connect with my daughter. At the end of the appointment Dr. Lee was very honest. She said that Julia did not need to have a prescription, but because the teacher had moved her to the front of the class and because Julia felt that the size 11 font on the smart board was difficult to read sometimes, she would give her an optional prescription. If we decided to take it, the prescription would help crisp up the things in the distance, but she would only need to wear the glasses for school. I really appreciated the honesty. I loved that she gave me the written prescription and let us decide from there what we wanted to do.



Life is busy, so I really appreciated that it was easy to book the appointment online and as a mom I love that the doctor was thorough and really took the time to listen.


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