In early adulthood, eye exams aren’t something that you really think about. There’s no one scheduling your appointments, you’ve yet to have children – so it’s not really something that’s on your radar. Well, it wasn’t for me anyway, until we had these new little people to care for.

We started to think about the adult annual eye exams* when we began bringing the kids into the eye doctor for theirs – and it wasn’t until this year that I experienced something different.

Heading into the office, I expected a repeat of last year’s experience. Last year, was a quick eye exam where we talked about the fact that I might need glasses in the future, but now – my eyes are just fine.

This year, it was a new experience. It was one that required a follow up – in the form of a referral to an optometrist and a new prescription for glasses. It had me kind of surprised when I left the office.

This week, I left the office with not only a prescription for eye glasses, but a referral too. This time, I was filled with questions. During the eye exam, and after – the care came accompanied with questions. I expected to leave the office with the questions to be passed on to the optometrist, but each question was carefully addressed and answered, by the doctor that completed my eye exam, at the eye exam. Notes were made so I could take them home and not have to remember the name of the condition requiring the referral.

Following Up and Buying Glasses

I didn’t have time to stop by Pearle Vision for almost a week after my initial eye exam, and wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to choosing glasses. After all, if I was going to be wearing the glasses daily, I wanted to be sure that they were going to work, for every situation. I wanted to make sure that they were going to be versatile enough to go from work to date night. Could I get by with only one pair of glasses?

And what about sunglasses? I didn’t go outdoors without sunglasses during the day – what kind of prescription sunglasses would I be stuck with? I was quickly assured when I noticed the large selection of sunglasses at Pearle Vision – and sighed in relief.

Choosing the glasses was easy – I narrowed it down to a few pairs and during the visit, and was given a few tips about which ones would work best for my prescription. I wasn’t at all rushed though, and took a couple more days to choose between the two pairs I was considering.

Visiting the office, I quickly noticed the care taken with each person searching for the right pair of glasses – and had the same experience when it came to choosing my own. Staff members remembered me, and helped to occupy the kids while I searched for glasses. They provided guidance, suggestions and tips for choosing glasses.

Now, a full-time glasses wearing guy, I’m just waiting to pick up my glasses – thankful that we didn’t skip out on our eye health, while we’re busy taking care of the kids.

The best part? You can easily book your eye exam appointment online. No more excuses, even if it’s the last thing you think about at the end of the day, it’s never been easier to care for your own eye health.

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