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Spring Cleaning


As the March winds blow and the rain washed away the rest of the slush and snow, we begin to awake from our winter hibernation and embrace spring with open arms. For many spring means the birds returning, flowers popping up in their gardens and my favourite, spring clean. Although other people may groan at the thought of extra chores, I thrive on the chance to tackle those once a year chores and bask I the glory of cleanliness when it’s done!  It’s once a year, so it’s not a big deal, right?

The problem that most people have is knowing what needs to be done. I like to start at the top and work my way down. From the ceilings on the top floor to the basement, I strategically work my way through the house. Some years, I work my butt off and get it all done in one day and other years, I do piece by piece, room by room.


Here are 5 must do Spring Cleaning Chore

  1. Clean Blinds and Windows Frames– From spring to fall, I like to have my windows cracked. I love the feeling of the wind blowing through the house. Unfortunately it’s not only wind that comes in. Bits of dirt, dust and debris gather on your blinds and leave behind a dirty film. Giving them a quick wash will help to remove the dirt, brighten up your window and reduce allergens in your home
  2. Dust Ceiling Cobwebs– Have you ever hosted a party, when one of the kids lets go of a balloon and you glance up to see it stuck in a big cluster of cobwebs? Not one of my finest moments. The thought that tiny colonies of spiders are creating a community in the corner of my kitchen grosses me out. A dust rag or a vacuum over the corners can help to give your house a polished look.
  3. Scrub the Walls– Finger prints, dog nose prints and the occasional adult hand print provides a decorative but unattractive look to the house. With the help of water, soap and a little elbow grease (and perhaps a few bored children), you can have spotless, fresh looking walls.
  4. Shampoo the Carpets– Although I have a vacuuming obsession and keep my carpets clean every year my white carpet (not my choice! They came with the house!) appear dingy and are riddled with stains. Renting or borrowing a rug shampooer can remove stains, revitalize your carpets and provide a fresh smell throughout your house.
  5. Clean the Dishwasher with Finish  Dual ActionTMDishwasher Cleaner – It may sound like an oxymoron to clean the device that cleans your dishes, but it is a task that needs to be done every month to make sure it’s running at its best! Finish  Dual ActionTM Dishwasher Cleaner works by safely and effectively breaking down and removing mineral build up that’s inside your machine (including hard-to-reach parts like the heating element,  filters, pipes and sprayer arms). The 5x power actions formula cleans your dishwasher by fighting grease, lime scale and odour, making it clean, fresh and sparkling! Overtime, it helps to maintain your dishwasher so it works effectively for a long time!


Dirty Dishwasher


What I love about Finish  Dual ActionTM Dishwasher Cleaner is it is so easy to use! Simply peel off the sticker, place it upside down in your dishwasher, and run it on the hottest cycle. This is by far my favourite spring cleaning task! (Effective and Effortless too!)


Finish Dual ActionTM Dishwasher Cleaner easy as 1-2-3


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