Brought to you by Fisher Price

This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price, where you can learn about tried-and-true products that help baby sleep tight and stay comfy. Fisher-Price compensates me for my time, but the story of creating a safe and happy environment for your baby is brought to you by Treasures & Travels.

Sleep is by far the number one thing we were always asked about as new parents. Whenever I’m talking to anyone with a baby it’s one of the first questions that comes to mind… “How are you, you getting any sleep?!” It can be a sensitive topic for many, especially when you are sleep deprived and would do anything for a good night’s sleep!

Millie comes to work with me to our little studio a few days a week (I’ll take all your bottle taking tips) and has just been sleeping in the stroller, but it’s been getting a little bit cramped in there. We don’t have a ton of storage, so our pack and play was out of the question, and I was honestly so excited when I saw this Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome! It’s SO perfect! Also a perfect little place I can put her down and she can chew away on all her favourite teething toys.                                                          

Millie just turned 6 months old! She is an amazing sleeper, I feel really lucky. At 5 weeks she started doing one long chunk at night and I was like…wait this can happen?! Hazel never slept through the night until she was like 9 months old, so I really appreciate how great of a sleeper Millie is. With both babies I’ve always napped on the go from the beginning, and delay using white noise and swaddling as long as possible to sort of guide them. I mean newborns will just sleep, but after a few weeks, those things are sooo helpful! I For the first few months I just let Millie nap wherever we were so she’d get used to the noise and I think it seemed to help with her sleep. I’m starting to transition her falling asleep in her big sisters room and so far so good. I put Millie to sleep around 7 and then Hazel to bed by 7:30/8 and she sings and chats and so far hasn’t woken Millie! When I go to bed I bring her back out into our room because I’m too lazy to walk across our apartment when she wakes up hangry around 5, so we’ll see when I’m ready for that to happen.

Millie will sleep almost anywhere, I swaddle her and put the white noise on and she’s usually asleep pretty quick! I’m so thankful for this little Baby Dome—it folds up so small and light and will be perfect for taking outside in the summer with the little sunshade.

A rested baby is a happy baby! This girl is my ray of sunshine, except when she’s tired or hungry, but that’s a pretty easy fix. 😉