You always want to have healthy and plentiful meals (even after big spending occasions like holidays). Here are some easy Family Meals on a Budget Tips.  You don’t need to sacrifice nutrition or quality for budget-friendly family meals…

Family Meals On A Budget – Meal Plan Ideas…


Family Meals on a Budget Tips

Remember that quality fresh produce, bakery and meat is not compromised, even with low prices.

Keep an eye on store flyers for deals

  1. When your staple items go on sale – buy multiple products
  2. Price match
  3. Take advantage of low prices at discount grocery stores
  4. Make a weekly meal plan
  5. Eat before you go grocery shopping (then you won’t be influenced by hunger for impulse buys)

Breakfast – I actually find breakfast to be the easiest meal to plan because we have go-to staples that I buy every week at the grocery store. Coffee, tea, milk (lots of milk), and English muffins/toast are pretty much the usual breakfast here. You also know I bake a lot (because I like baking but also it’s easy to have ingredients to make things like my BANANA BREAD RECIPE on hand at any given time.)



Lunch – when I talk about “lunch” it’s actually “lunch and snacks” because school lunches demand it. I try to include a serving of fruit, veggies, protein, and carbs in every school lunch I pack so that I know my kids’ will be fueled for the day.


Dinner – As a family of 5 — our dinners need to be plentiful (which can get expensive). One of my favourite family meals on a budget tips is to make Taco Tuesday a tradition. Tacos are great because 1) they offer choice and everyone can build their own dinner customized to their tastes 2) it’s social 3) it’s a super easy meal because the only cooking is browning the beef which takes minutes.



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