Okay, so I always considered myself a super smart grocery shopper. I cut coupons and highlighted items in the flyer that came from my usual grocery store. I didn’t need to shop around or try something new because I had my routine down pat – and I was saving money. I was quick to advise all my friends, “You could have gotten that cheaper if…” Recently though, something changed.

Leading up to Christmas, my friend Sara informed me that, “Nope, I can get that and lots of stuff cheaper at FRESHCO.” What?  The challenge was on: my usual discount grocery store versus FRESHCO.

At the beginning of December I took my shopping list to the nearby FRESHCO. Very quickly I was kicking myself for not trying it out sooner. The first thing that made me rethink my loyalty to my usual store was the produce. I didn’t realize that at my usual discount store I had come to accept a level of quality for the produce that was sub-par. The FRESHCO produce was noticeably better, and of course I assumed that the prices would be higher. Wrong. Some of the items were the exact same price that I was used to paying and some were lower. The produce was not only fresher but also cheaper? Huh?


The second thing that struck me was that all my usual brands were in the one FRESHCO store. Every week, I have a few items that I know my usual store doesn’t carry. I always travel to the more expensive grocery chain to pick them up. But here they were – all in one place – at a better price. Wait a minute – I don’t have to drive around?

An unexpected feature of FRESHCO is the look and feel of the store. Again, when I shopped discount I expected to make some compromises on the cleanliness and look of a store. I accepted that until I went to FRESHCO. There, I had the feeling that I was not at a discount grocery store, yet the  pricing kept reminding me that, “Yes I was saving more.” Nice.

So there was really no contest. FRESHCO won hands-down. I returned to do my big pre-Holiday shop and picked up everything I needed in record time.

Sara and I talked. We shared the same reasons for switching to FRESHCO:

– they will beat any price with their Cheaper Guarantee

– the produce, the bakery items and the meat are fresh, fresh, fresh!

– we like that our expectations are higher and our checkout bills are lower

We are looking forward to saving money all through 2017 and I’m looking forward to reclaiming my crown as the Queen of Deals.

This post has been generously sponsored by the makers of FRESHCO but the opinions expressed are my own.”