With my background in swimming and soccer, I was always really proud of my strong legs—that is, until this skinny dweeb called me “Thunder Thighs” in high school and I suddenly developed a complex that persisted for a few years and manifested itself in an extreme aversion to different pieces I perceived as unflattering, white denim especially. Thankfully, I’ve grown to not only really love my powerful legs (and all they allow me to do!), but to love white denim. It’s seriously one of the most versatile pieces for any and every shape year-round, and especially during the spring/summer season. In fact, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (available at Canadian classic Hudson’s Bay) has a cropped pair that I acquired recently and love so much, I decided to style it 3 ways






I love the idea of playing with tones and textures to create a cohesive but super delicate, boho look (something Denim & Supply is in no short order of—seriously boho heaven!). This fringed cardigan was actually the first piece I gravitated to when I visited The Bay recently—it’s just such a cool, standout piece. With these perfectly cropped white skinny jeans and a delicate top with some lace detailing (and some tonal accessories, natch), this is the perfect lightly layered look for running around on the weekend.


2-how-to-wear-white-jeans 1-white-denim-outfit-idea


Boho Rocker




One of my favourite go-to’s when it comes to white denim is to play off of its crispness with a black or similarly dark-toned top and accessories. Love how this Denim & Supply top captures a touch of boho & rocker, played up even more with a draped leather jacket for when the temps drop and a structured bag. A longer boyfriend blazer or light duster coat in black would also look killer with white denim and both create a really slimming silhouette if that’s what you’re going for!










Ah, my favourite. I love a good white-on-white look or anything tonal for that matter, but the trick is to always, always, always ensure there’s variety. Unless you’re getting a perfectly matched top-and-skirt or suit set, I think the best way of making tonal looks effortless is to mix up the texture or to ensure there are some slight variations in colour. These jeans are true white so I added a slightly sheer top in a creamier tone, and kept accessories at a minimum. To me, this is actually a perfect brunch look out with friends thanks to its breeziness and femme quality, but just make sure you’ve got that napkin on your lap or a Tide to-go stick if you have a spill!





You can shop more of Denim & Supply’s amazing Spring ’16 styles at The Bay right over here! Also, tell me in the comments below how you would style up white denim this spring—always looking for new ways to wear them!


This blog post was sponsored by the Hudson’s Bay and The Co. but the opinions are all my own.