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Growing up, we had a generously sized garden of all sorts of fruits and vegetables in my backyard. Looking back, I don’t vividly remember one single trip to the grocery store as a kid. Instead, my memories are overflowing with the tending to, and eating from the garden. I feel fortunate in that sense, for the education and experience of knowing where our food came from.

Fast forward to today, the bottom line is that many kids or even parents don’t have that knowledge. It’s unfortunate to think that ‘food comes from the grocer’, because in actuality, it doesn’t.

The Hellmann’s Real Food Movement® started with a simple and natural question: Where does it come from? Through this Hellmann’s campaign; kids and their parents toured a Hellmann’s Blue Ribbon canola farm in Saskatchewan, Canada.

There was a live Facebook video of their visit which showed their education on canola oil, farming, and crafting the perfect jar of mayonnaise. From farm to table, this video illustrated the simple, quality ingredients in Hellmann’s and answered that ‘where does it come from?’ question. As a bonus, everyone got to eat a delicious meal right in the middle of the farming field.

During the video you’ll salivate over the fresh ingredients and dishes, and also be surprised at some of the facts shared on farming. Yet it really hits home when you see the energetic and interested kids, it really illustrates the importance of education on this topic. We need more of this ‘where does it come from?’, this question needs to be asked more and the answers need to be given.

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While my backyard doesn’t facilitate a garden of generous proportion, I can start the education with my kids, like visiting our local market more often and taking the time to talk to the farmers or watching the Hellmann’s Real Food Movement video together.

The education on where food comes from can be as simple as doing various in-home farming crafts and projects.

One simple project that my kids really enjoyed doing is a Sprout Head Person, where kids can watch the grass grow in a fun and interactive way. It’s so easy to do, and much more frugal than buying a similar kit in stores.

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I provided the instructions below, so you can print them off. It’s a fun and educational project that is perfect for summer, the kids check our sprout head often for signs of growth. It’s small steps like these that answer that important question: Where does it come from?

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To learn about where your food comes from {and other delicious goodies being shared}, make sure to visit Hellmann’s on Facebook. This channel has many ‘where does it come from?’ videos, all worth a watch!

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