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Christmas came early to our house this year and we got the opportunity to test some of the most wanted toys because Mattel generously provided us with gorgeous burlap sacs filled with goodies! From Barbie, to Hot Wheels, Polly Pockets and Fisher Price Little People, Mattel has so many types of toys for kids all ages. There’s even more featured on my Instagram if you are looking for more ideas to complete your kid’s wish list.

Barbie® Dreamhouse®

Little Miss Chloé has been telling me about her Christmas list every single night before going to bed and her most desired present was a Barbie House so she was bouncing off the walls when Mattel’s elves knocked at our door with THE

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Barbie®DreamHouse® and a 2018 Holiday BarbieTM Doll in her gorgeous red gown! I’m not gonna lie, it’s impressively big so make sure you have the space for this mansion of 3+ feet tall and 4+ feet wide featuring 3 stories, 8 rooms and 70+ accessories I mean, this luxurious house even features a working elevator and a pool that you can fill with water for a real splash but I haven’t agreed to it yet because I feel like Chloé will make the biggest mess! Haha! For now, she’s happy turning on and off the lights and all the sounds of the house keep delighting her! I also love that it encourages her imagination. She’s been playing endlessly with it and because it’s so big, her friends can join in the fun easily, exploring every corner, transforming the furniture and changing it from one room to another. My favourite feature of Barbie® DreamHouse® is the plug-and-play design because it helps to keep pieces in place as small hands move around and makes cleanup easy.


Some of the Hottest, Must-Have Toys to ask Santa


Flushin’ FrenzyTM – Funny Toilet Game For Kids

If you feel like having a good laugh with your kids, this has to be the funniest game to play as a family with children (2yo and up)! They can even play it on their own, as long as they know their numbers. All you need to do is flush the handle on the toilet to roll the die and when a number comes up, you have to plunge the toilet that number of times… If the poop comes flying out of the toilet at any given push, the first player to grab the poop earns a token. If you’re reflexes are good enough to catch the poop while it’s still in the air, you earn two tokens! The player who ends up with the most tokens wins! It is super silly and kinda gross but totally worth the fun and laughter! After all, who doesn’t like a good poop joke?!


Hot Wheels® Corkscrew CrashTM Track Set

May I present to you the ultimate set for speed and motorized boosted action! I couldn’t believe how fast the Hot Wheels were looping in this interactive, skill-based track. The 3 high-speed boosters make the cars roll insanely fast! The goal is to send the cars flying around the track at dizzying speeds without them crashing and smashing through the triple loop. The more cars on the track, the more fun and challenge because, the higher the chances of crash, especially when they go through the 3 high- action crash zones! This massive set is great for one or two players and comes with 1 Hot Wheels® car so make sure you order some more if you want to increase the pleasure! You can even connect it to other Hot Wheels® sets to build an epic racing world of speed, crashing and bashing action!

Polly PocketTM Sweet Treat Compact

This cute compact toy shaped like a cupcake might be tiny but it’s definitely mighty when it comes to details, design and value! It opens up to an adorable café and comes with two micro dolls that can stand anywhere with polly stick which makes it an awesome toy to travel because the dolls stay put where you place them and won’t fall out, plus it’s so small that it will barely take any space in your kids luggage! Growing up, I always loved anything minuscule so I find myself enjoying this Polly PocketTM world as well,


especially since it features secret reveals including surprises behind little doors and a performance stage with a button that will make Polly dance on it. This sweet cupcake café comes with a sticker sheet, a little scooter and microphone for the dolls.

Mega ConstruxTM Breakout BeastsTM

The slime obsession in this household is real and if we’re not mixing some of our own, getting a toy that includes slime couldn’t be cooler in my son’s eyes, especially when there’s some kind of dragon beast involved! There are 5 mystery eggs to choose from and they crack open to a green, orange or blue slime surprise in which your kids dig out all the pieces to build their beast. You can collect them and mix and match the beast to create an even more interesting one! Elliot keeps his slime fresh and gooey in the egg container and puts it on display next to his beast, just like a trophy on his bedroom shelves.

Mattel also sent us fun toys from Fisher-Price® Little People®, PooparoosTM, Jurassic World Dino’sTM and Fisher Price® Think N Learn.


Go check them out on my Instagram feed if you want more ideas for your Christmas list this year.

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