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Imagine booking a vacation and your entire family ends up getting sick just a few days before your trip. That’s exactly what happened to us last December. I had our hotel booked in Quebec City, suitcases almost packed and boom; one of my little munchkin comes home with a stomach bug. To make matters worse my husband also came home from a business trip with a nasty cold. The kind that made him stay in bed for days. If I am honest that was a blessing in disguise because he needed to slow down a bit. Besides, I am sure he enjoyed being taken care of for a few days.

Historically when one of my family members gets sick especially with a cold, I end up getting it too since I am the caretaker. Something had to change because the last thing I wanted was to end the year under a blanket with a box of tissue. I had to find a way to kick that cold to the curb before it could get started. Yes friends, making it to Quebec City was that important to me. Although there is no sure way to avoid catching a cold or the flu, there are a few things I did this time around to lower my chances.

Clean the house/Wash your hands

From the moment I found out that my husband had a cold, I went into cleaning mode. The doorknobs, remote controls, basically everything that tends to be passed around from hands to hands. Germs are less likely to go around when everything is disinfected. With that, I still wash my hands, use hand sanitizers and instruct everyone to do so. I must say it’s easier said than done especially when you have two active boys.

 Take Vitamins to boost your immune system

Let me introduce you first to the Jamieson Vitamin C Chewable. These tasty tangy flavored chewable tablets are a wonderful immune booster. They contain no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavor. I take at least 4 a day whether I feel like I am coming down with something or not.

The second supplement is my Jamieson Vitamin D. This vitamin is important especially during the cold winter months. Our bodies are not exposed to the sun as much as in the summer months. Having the right amount of Vitamin D helps improve immune health.

After taking care of the husband for a few days, my throat was getting a bit itchy. I just knew I was one sneeze away from a full-blown cold. The Jamieson Cold Fighter, which contains four natural ingredients (Echinacea, Zinc, Vitamin C and Ginger), came in very handy. I took a pill a day until I felt like I was back to normal. It got rid of my sore throat and congestion. One thing I really love about this product is the fact I did not have to worry about being drowsy during the day. As a mother the last thing you want is worrying about not being able to take care of your daily duties because of a medicine. Yes, friends one chewable tablet or one soft gel once a day all you to kick that cold to the curb. After my experience, I think the Cold Fighter is great product to add to your at home cold and flu emergency kit.

Rest and Sleep

Last but not least I slept and slept some more. There was no binge watching, no late-night phone calls with my sisters either. Even though it was the holiday season I tried to get that nap anytime I could. As working adults, the last thing we think about is sleep. Believe me it makes a whole lot of difference when you get a good night sleep, my kids can attest to that.

I would love to know how what preventive measures you take to prevent getting sick with a cold.