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New Year, New Sleep Habits and Newfound Energy!


Would it be silly for me to start by asking if you’re looking for a few ways to feel more energized and better rested? Who am I kidding? I’m sure we could all use a little help in this department. We are just a couple of weeks into the new year and while I’m sure getting your body in shape is a top priority, there is also no better time to shape up your sleep routine and improve your energy too!


Plus, I’ve partnered with Jamieson to also help shed some light on the benefits of Vitamin B12 and Melatonin and how these two supplements can support you naturally improving your sleep and energy levels. Please note that melatonin should NOT be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding and always consult your healthcare provider prior to taking B12 and/or melatonin.


But First, Sleep.

Whether it is co-sleeping with the kids keeping you up at night or thoughts about your never-ending to-do list, I would say most moms can relate to the issue of sleep deprivation to some degree. We all know that lack of sleep can lead to everything from complete brain exhaustion to minimal patience.


Here are just a few things you can easily start doing that can help you up your sleep game. Just like a workout program, this takes commitment and consistency.


  1. Establish a Bedtime Routine: it’s not just our little guys who benefit from a bedtime routine, we need one too! You should try and avoid intense activities right before bed and do things that are more soothing for the soul. Take a bath, read a book or meditate to help transition from wake time to sleepy time. It’s also important (just as it is for our children) to be consistent with the time you go to sleep. Get that internal clock of yours accustomed to a regular bedtime.


  1. Espresso or Depresso: I’m not one to turn down a good cup of java, but do yourself a favour and limit caffeinated drinks later in the day. Otherwise you might be paying the price when you’re ready to hit the sack.



  1. Consider Melatonin: this natural hormone helps you get a better night’s sleep by improving the time it takes to fall asleep and helping you stay asleep, naturally, without the side effects of habitual use like OTC drugs. Although I cannot take melatonin now since I am expecting baby #2, I did use melatonin before getting pregnant. It helped me then to get those much-needed Z’s!



How Melatonin Works:

Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps regulate your body’s sleep and wake cycle; it helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, increasing the number of sleep hours, and improves sleep quality. Jamieson offers various Melatonin products that are all non-habit forming and with Jamieson being Canada’s #1 trusted brand of vitamins, you know you are getting the purest, safest and most effective natural health solutions available. Remember, do not take this product while pregnant or breastfeeding and always speak to your healthcare provider before taking melatonin.

Energy is Everything!

We know that a good night’s rest goes hand in hand with improved energy levels. We also know that mom life in general can have us feeling wiped out midday at the office. Sometimes there just isn’t enough coffee in the world to give us the energy we need to make it through the entire day!


This is why it’s important to focus on good sleeping and eating habits, but also incorporating a regular exercise routine into your life is key; this will surely help to support your way to consistently improved energy levels. They don’t call those post-workout endorphins addictive for nothing!


In addition to all of this, Jamieson also offers Vitamin B12, which is naturally energizing and fast acting. Unlike other Vitamin B12 supplements on the market, this one is made with a premium ingredient called methylcobalamin. A lot of individuals have discovered they are deficient in B12, so this is a great option. Of course, always speak to your healthcare provider prior to use and if you are pregnant and deficient in B12 talk to your doctor about supplementing with vitamin b12.


How it works: Vitamin B12, is an essential nutrient for humans and plays an important role in energy production. There are four forms of Vitamin B12 – the two most common forms found in supplements are methylcobalamin and synthetic cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin is in a form that is readily available to the body and is therefore used more efficiently than cyanocobalamin (which requires 4 or more metabolic conversions) to increase coenzyme levels of Vitamin B12.


Good Sleep + More Energy = Happy Mama

Sleep and energy are two things that we, as mothers, often feel we never have enough of. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. Consider the tips I mentioned, coupled with a solid nutrition and fitness plan, and you might just be able to leave your tired self back in 2017.


And if you’re considering natural supplements to help improve these two areas of your life, it’s good to know that the Jamieson brand prides itself in quality, safety and efficacy. With it being the beginning of the New Year, my hope is that we can all get a good grip of implementing healthy habits when it comes to improving our sleep and energy levels. Starting the year off strong with these intentions will set the stage for what lies ahead. On that note, I’ll end this with simply wishing you a very well-rested and energetic 2018!


This post was sponsored by Jamieson Vitamins. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own. Please note that Melatonin should not be taken in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Always speak to your healthcare provider prior to taking Vitamin B12 and Melatonin.