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Sleep has been a something on my mind a lot lately, I’m just not getting enough of it and it’s been so hard on me. Little Millie was an incredible sleeper from about 5 weeks old, up until we moved a few months ago it all went spiraling downhill. Things have been slowly improving and she’s getting better at sleeping again, and I’ve found a few solutions too that have really been helping me get some much needed rest. I’ve started taking melatonin and B12 and they’ve helped me feel a lot more energized and I’m sleeping so much better. I was actually so surprised when I started taking melatonin before bed how much faster and deeper into sleep I could go. When I’m surviving some nights off of 5-6 hours of broken up sleep, it really helps me fall back asleep faster through those nightly interruptions, and together with the B12 I take in the morning I’ve found I’ve been having more energy for the day!

I am honestly so excited to be using these products and partnering with Jamieson Vitamins on this because as a working mom I am constantly focusing on my girls’ and their sleep and nap schedules and making sure they get enough sleep that I don’t make my own sleep a priority. As I’ve been allowing myself better quality sleep, I’ve really noticed a difference.

Jamieson’s vitamins are premium quality, the B12 is naturally energizing and it’s an essential nutrient which is in a form that’s more absorbable to the body which means its super efficient and acts fast!
I’ve been loving the sprays and fast melts. They taste yummy which is always a bonus. Here’s to MORE energy and better sleep, something I think we all need this time of year, as the days grow shorter, colder and more grey.