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Follow these simple sun protection tips to keep you and your family safe from the sun while enjoying summer to the fullest!  

I’m the first one to admit that my history of sun protection has not been the greatest. I really do love the sun, and, unfortunately, I’ve had more than my fair share of sun burns. Despite the warnings, I never really paid a lot of attention to sun protection until I had my own kids. Why is it that we don’t take care of ourselves the same way we take care of our kids?

Sun Protection Tips to be Sun Safe

This July, Jamieson is partnering with the Canadian Cancer Society to spread sun safety awareness, and I’m happy to be joining them in their mission. Too much exposure to the sun can lead to sun burns, premature wrinkles, age spots, a low immune system, as well as increased risk of skin cancer, so I’ve put together some top tips to protect your skin from the sun. They’re actually really simple to do and can make a big impact on the long-term health for you and your family. Be sun safe this summer and enjoy it to the fullest!

Cover Up

Covering up your skin might not be the first thing that pops into your head on those hot days, but the more of your body that you can keep covered, the better because being covered up will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Loose long pants or skirts can still be cool and stylish while providing increased sun protection. For swimming, I always make my boys wear swim shirts or rash guards. They can be in the water for hours and it’s just too hard to keep the sunscreen on their upper bodies where the sun exposure is the greatest.

Wear Sunglasses with Total UV Protection

Having sun glasses with UV protection is really important for protecting your eyes and can help to prevent eye problems further down the road. Only purchase sunglasses that have a label stating that they have 100% UVA and UVB light protection {or UV 400 which covers both UVA and UVB light}. If you’re unsure, you can bring your sunglasses into an eye glass store or optician to have them checked with their UV light meter. Also look for larger glasses that will also help to protect the delicate skin area around your eyes

Apply your Sunscreen Correctly

I think most people know that they should apply sunscreen when they’re out in the sun, but how you apply your sunscreen can really impact how effective it is. Look for an SPF 30 with broad-spectrum protection {meaning that it covers both UVA and UVB rays}. Apply your sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before sun exposure so your skin has time to absorb it, and make sure you’re using enough. Don’t forget those often overlooked areas like your lips, ears, and hairline. You’ll need approximately one ounce {a shot glass full!} of sunscreen for your body and another teaspoon or so for your face. Sunscreen will need to be reapplied every 90 minutes to two hours, or even earlier if you’re sweating a lot or swimming.


Consider Vitamin D Supplements

With the summer sun, many people assume that they no longer need to supplement with Vitamin D since it is naturally produced through their bodies. However, if you’re covering up your body and/or applying sunscreen when you’re outdoors to protect yourself from the sun, it blocks the body’s production of essential Vitamin D.

The main function of vitamin D is to allow the body to absorb calcium and promote bone growth as well as to support a healthy immune system. It’s estimated that 1/3rd of Canadians are deficient in vitamin D and up to 2/3rds are not getting optimal levels. Although there are a few foods that provide vitamin D {such as fatty fish, fortified dairy products, and egg yolks}, it’s only in small amounts and not enough to meet your body’s daily needs.

Your body can produce vitamin D naturally with direct sun exposure to bare skin; however, the amount of exposure required can be extremely varied based on skin type, location, time of day, etc. In addition, you also risk skin damage as those same UVB rays that help produce the vitamin D are the same ones that cause sunburns and can lead to skin cancer. To make things simple, consider getting your Vitamin D through supplements. 1,000 IU of Jamieson Vitamin D daily will provide you with the vitamin D that you need while still allowing you to protect yourself against sun exposure. {NOTE: Talk with your health care professional before starting any new supplement routine.}

Wear a Hat

A wide-brimmed hat will provide you with the best sun protection and shield your face and eyes as well as your head. If you don’t have a hat, be sure to protect your scalp with an SPF spray.

Learn to love the shade.

Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00, when the sun’s rays are the strongest. I find that we’re often outside at this time, so seek shade when possible and be sure that you’re following the other sun protective measures.

The Jamieson Essentials

Jamieson Vitamin D is part of the Jamieson Essentials – a lineup of four natural health products that can help provide the necessary nutrients for overall good health. These include probiotics for digestive health, a multivitamin to provide any vitamins and minerals that may be missing from your diet, Omega-3 for cardiovascular and brain health, and, of course, Vitamin D for bone health. Check out the Jamieson website for more information on the Jamieson Essentials as well as their full product line.