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If you have been following me on Instagram stories you know that I’ve been on the low energy and lack of sleep struggle bus. I am so happy to say that I think I’ve found the solution to my problems with Jamieson.


Having a job and two active kiddos at home, I found myself lagging behind sometimes. My other struggle was sleep. I could spend MANY hours lying awake (totally jealous of my happily snoring husband) and pretty much solving world hunger instead of catching much needed Zzz’s. Obviously, that led to me being even more tired, and tired me is not the best person you want to be around. In addition to my exhaustion and lack of sleep, my immune system felt SHUT DOWN. Ava started preschool and I had no strength to fight off all the colds and flu’s she was bringing home. Let me tell you, there is one thing that is worse than taking care of a sick kid, it’s taking care of a sick kid when you yourself are sick.

SOO I decided that something had to change, a new year’s resolution of a sort. I wanted to be a more energized and healthy me. Over the counter sleep medication just left me feeling drowsy in the morning and I wanted a more natural solution to my problem, so that’s when a few of you suggested some vitamins and that has truly turned things around for me. I was obviously no expert but with a little research I pinpointed just what I needed to give me the required boost.

I have been taking Jamieson melatonin and vitamin B12 and my sleep and energy have never been

better. If you are thinking of getting vitamins or supplements, Jamieson is a great pick since it’s a well-known brand.  I knew I could trust the quality of their ingredients.I’ll break up the two vitamins a little and explain what each one does and how it’s helped me.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps regulate your body’s sleep/ wake cycle. I can say without doubt that it has been magical not to lay awake for hours on end wondering when Mr. Sandman will decide to grace me with his visit. When I do fall asleep I STAY asleep, no more waking up at 3am and not being able to fall back. One thing that I LOVE about melatonin is that it is NATURAL and does not have the same side effects as over the counter medication, such as feeling tired and drowsy the next day.

Now, the other vitamin that I’ve started to take is vitamin B12.

B12 is an essential nutrient for humans and plays an important role in energy production. Another reason to choose Jamieson is because their vitamin B12 supplement is made with a premium source of vitamin B12 which provides natural energy faster, which is key for me.

I honestly feel like the melatonin and vitamin B12 combo has turned my energy and sleep game around. I love not having anxiety over losing sleep and knowing that I will wake up energized and ready to go while keeping that energy through the day.

I feel like a better happier me when I’m more rested and energized. My whole family feels it as well. Although it’s too soon to fully tell, I’ve already dodged a few minor colds that the kids have brought home. Finally, I feel like I can take care of them properly, not being sick myself.

P.S. If you are looking for more info on getting more natural energy in 2018 check out these tips on Jamieson’s website HERE.

This post is sponsored by Jamieson, all thoughts and opinions are my own.