If there were a ranking system of what people wanted more of in life, it would read: money, time, love, and lastly confidence.


The crazy thing is that people with confidence typically attract more money, bring more amazing people into their lives, as well as complete tasks more efficiently; ultimately saving them time. The best part about confidence is that it doesn’t cost a thing.


With that being said, there are a couple of aspects we could all add into our lives that can make us subconsciously feel more confident. Below are 5 things any guy could incorporate into his lifestyle to see positive behavioural changes instantly.

  1. Dress intentionally


A lot of what we preach here at Mr. Cavaliere is: if you look good, you’re going to feel good. This could not be more true when trying to boost your confidence. We have all seen another man walk into a room wearing a perfectly tailored suit and thought to ourselves that this guy definitely has his life together. Whether it’s a suit or just a great outfit, I always feel a boost in my confidence knowing that whatever happens that day, I will be dressed my best to face it head on.


  1. Exercise regularly


There has been tons of scientific research done which proves that regular exercise is directly related to increasing endorphins – automatically making you feel better. Not to mention, you might even tone up while you’re at it. There is nothing that boosts confidence more than getting compliments from other people on your fit physique.

  1. Take care of your smile


Healthy looking teeth can lead to greater success in finding love, as well as job promotions in the workforce. It sounds simple enough, but can you believe that only 67% of millennials say that they plan on visiting the dentist this year?! Getting regular check-ups on those pearly whites is one of the best ways to make an impression on anyone you meet. What will nice clothes and a great physique do for you if you don’t have the healthy smile to match? April is Oral Health Month. Need a check-up? You should definitely look for a dentist near you.


  1. Stop doubting yourself


Self-doubt is probably the number one killer of confidence. Beating yourself up about every move will not only fill you with self-doubt, but it will also leave you incapable of taking on incredible opportunities when they present themselves. My advice is to practice positivity and gratitude. It will make you feel better and fuel your overall mental state.

  1. Become really good at something


In general, confidence is useless if you’re not passionate about anything in particular. Whether it’s a hobby, skill, or your career, become really good at something and use your knowledge in that field as the foundation for your confidence. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that some of the most confident people in history were the best at what they did.


Now it’s your turn to take these tips, stand tall and become the confident man you have always wanted to be.


Yours truly,


Mr. Cavaliere


This post has been brought to you in partnership with the Ontario Dental Association.