Over the years, I’ve learned that having self-confidence is one of the most important things you can have. You can boost your confidence in many ways, both inside and out. For me, there are foolproof things that guarantee to make me feel like a million bucks. Read on to find out what they are!

When I’m feeling a little down and out, I examine the things that I can change and focus on them. But, you’d be surprised at how much the outside can affect the inside. Now, these things are relative and change according to the person but, they are EASY things that can actively make you feel great! After all, you’re worth it.

  1. Stay Groomed.

I don’t know about you but, I feel amazing after a nice shower and go-to beauty routine. It’s pretty self-explanatory but staying groomed really makes a difference with self-esteem.

TIP: Try out a new make-up look or a new shade of lipstick! Guys, go get that haircut–it’ll make you feel and look fresh! 

Hit the salon and get your hair done, you know how great post-salon hair makes you feel! Plus, when you’re looking fabulous–you feel fabulous.

  1. Take Care of Those Pearly Whites.

We spend a lot of time grooming everything else, but do your teeth get the same love? I am meticulous with brushing and flossing but I keep up with dental appointments too.

Sometimes we feel if our teeth feel okay or look good, that we don’t need to go to the dentist but, it is incredibly important.

The more that you keep up with them, the bigger dental problems you can avoid. It can save you big bucks down the road.

TIP: If you are looking for a dentist, book an appointment with your dentist today or find one in your area.

Believe me, I’ve been told that your smile is like your business card. A beautiful and healthy smile can boost your confidence and can be contagious. Spread that happiness!

  1. Dress Up.

Sometimes it feels good to throw on your favourite outfit, do your hair, and put on some make-up. Slip on your favourite shoes. If you’re a dude, put a dress shirt on, shave or get a new haircut and work it.

Going out and grabbing that little black dress or new kicks that you’ve had your eye on never hurts either.

  1. Think Positive.

I find that sometimes my inner voice can be a bit negative. I try to catch myself having negative thoughts and I nip it in the bud. It’s important to be aware of negative self-talk and when you catch yourself, replace it with a positive and reinforcing thought.

If you’re choosing to eat better, ask yourself, “Does this give me the fuel I need?” or if you’re looking to push yourself during a workout, tell yourself, “You can do it, keep pushing!”  This positive inner voice can be used in any aspect in your life. You will see how quickly you can boost your confidence when you think more positively.

  1. Be Positive.

Walk the walk, talk the talk . Turn those positive thoughts into action and soon enough, you will be achieving any goal you set your mind to. Now that can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence, right?

  1. Eat Better, Move More and Get Rest.

This is one that I struggle with the most, especially over the last few years. But, I am using a positive inner voice to make better decisions every day. Small changes can make big changes eventually.

TIP: Try disconnecting for electronics 2 hours before bedtime, it will help you to sleep better. 

Moving more produces feel-good endorphins and if you’re eating better, you feel healthier and that makes your confidence soar! Making sure to get plenty of rest is good for you. Your body can recover from exercise, you feel refreshed and it keeps you healthy.

  1. Be Kind.

No one needs to know your kind and generous acts unless you want them too.  But, doing something for someone in need does wonders for the soul. Whether you make a donation to a cause you believe in or if you donate your time to one; it will make you feel good and make a difference in someone’s life.

  1. Set a Small Goal and Conquer It.

Trying to do it all can be overwhelming and can often lead to us feeling inept. Instead, choose one small goal that you can set your sights on and conquer it. Working towards smaller goals is more attainable and when you accomplish it, you’ll feel amazing. Learning to attack smaller goals will help you to continue to achieve them and bigger goals too!

  1. Perfect a Skill.

Nothing feels better than being really good at something. If you are looking to boost your confidence, this is a great way to do it. Pick something that you love and spend 30 minutes a day practicing it. In no time, you’ll be quite adept at it and you can continue self-improving!

There you have it folks, these are only 9 ways to help you to boost your confidence in no time. I’m sure you have some creative ways too! One thing is for sure, one of the best medicines in the world is laughter and keeping that smile healthy goes a long way.

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How do you boost your confidence?

Let me know, till then–cheers m’deres!