Since April is oral health month, I have teamed up with the Ontario Dental Association to talk to you about the importance of good oral health.












Many millennials take pride in their appearance, they go for regular hair-cuts, have a monthly subscription to a gym, and shop new pieces to add to their already extensive wardrobe. We take extra care of our skin not to be the sun worshippers our parents were, however, not everyone takes as much care of their oral health as they should.

According to a survey conducted by Kelton Global, 48 percent of adults think a smile is the most memorable feature after they meet someone for the first time. This is even more powerful than the spoken word which ranked in 25 percent of respondents. If you can leave a room with more of an impression by smiling then what was said, you better start brushing!

Millennials live a fast-paced lifestyle, and tend to forget about the importance of regular dental check-ups. We need to remind ourselves that by visiting our dentist regularly, this will help save time and money in the future.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough that my aunt is a dentist. She instilled the practice of 6-month regular check-ups and the importance of a healthy mouth and smile.


Here are some simple oral health tips to keep you fresh in-between those important check-ups.

1. Don’t brush too hard, using too firm of a bristled toothbrush and applying too much pressure can permanently wear away your protective enamel, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, cavities and can cause receding gums. Instead, use a soft brush and gentle, circular scrubbing motions at least twice a day for two minutes.


2. Don’t forget to floss. It only takes 24 hours for bacteria on your teeth to develop into plaque. Flossing at least once a day is essential for removing plaque that a tooth brush can’t always reach.


3. Avoid consuming lots of soda. Carbonated sodas, both diet and regular, contain phosphoric acid which will erode your teeth over time. Tip, if you are a soda fan use a straw to minimize contact with your teeth and don’t forget to brush afterward.


Reminder: your teeth are not tools. Your teeth are not meant to be ripping open bags of food, cracking open a beer or pulling on a knot you just can’t release. This can lead to cracking or breaking your teeth and can damage previous dental work you have had done.


By embracing a smart oral care routine now, your teeth will look and feel great.

A healthy smile is definitely something to feel confident about!


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*This is a sponsored post from the Ontario Dental Association