It may seem like fall just arrived but winter is definitely right around the corner.  Where we live, the days have been beautiful and crisp and clear but the temperature is definitely cooling down.

We spent last weekend cleaning up the outdoors; moving our outdoor furniture under cover for the winter and bringing all the cushions indoors for winter storage.

With cooler weather around the corner, I have three great little DIY projects today that can help keep you warm this winter while at the same time reducing your power usage and heating costs.

Sew Yourself Some DIY Drapery Panels!

Did you know that adding drapery can stop 65% of the heat lost through your windows? That’s like a crazy amount of heat savings!  You could even leave them closed in the day when you are out to keep your heat in. Coupled with turning down the heat while you are out in the day, the savings could be significant.

I have a couple of great tutorials on making easy lined drapery panels: Blackout Lined Grommet Topped DIY Drapery Panelsand Easy DIY Lined Drapery Panels.   Plus, in addition to saving energy, drapes just look fabulous and finish off a space beautifully.

Do you ever find your toes getting icy cold in the winter?  Well keep your feet cozy and warm in bed with this simple DIY Lavender Scented foot warmer.

All you need is a long-ish sock, a piece of string or ribbon, some uncooked rice, and add some dried lavender or rosemary to add a lovely relaxing scent.

How to make a DIY Sock Bed Warmer at

Fill the long sock 3/4 full with the uncooked rice, add the dried herbs, tie it off at the top, and then shake it all around to mix up the scent.

How to make a super simple DIY Sock Toe Warmer at

Heat it up in the microwave for two minutes until the rice is nice and toasty and throw it inside your covers before you get into bed.

How to make an easy DIY foot warmer at

You’ll be able to keep your heat lower at night with nice toasty warm feet; and saving on power will mean saving money. Did you know that just by lowering your house temperature two degrees you can cut your energy bills by 5%.

Stitch up a simple DIY Door Draft Stopper

Another way to save some power and money on your heating bills this winter is by stitching up an easy DIY Door Draft Stopper.

Measure the width of your exterior door and cut a piece of fabric to that length plus 4 extra inches  (e.g. 36″ door would be 36+4= 40″ strip of fabric) by about 8″ wide.

How to make a DIY Door Draft Stopper at

Flip your fabric in half the long way (or the “hot dog way” we say in Kindergarten) with the “right” or good sides of the fabric facing in.  Stitch it up on three sides, leaving only the one 4″ end open. Then turn it right side out (so the seams are now on the inside)…

2 How to make a DIY Door Draft Stopper at

Stuff it full with batting or rice – I like how the rice makes it nice and heavy.

Then flip the end in, and sew along the length.  You could be fancy and do a hidden stitch by hand, but I just used my machine.


How to make your own easy DIY Door Draft Stopper and save on power and money this winter

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