It amazes me how plugged in we are every day. From TV’s and computers to iPads and smartphones; it’s crazy to think how dependent we’ve become on technology and thus on power. Sometimes I wonder if this dependency has made us lazy. I would hate my daughter to grow up without understanding the true value of energy and the consequences in wasting it.

So when I heard that BC Hydro is bringing a pedal powered workstation to the Science World in Vancouver, I thought this is a great way for our family to explore the way we use energy! The Smart Cycle is the first of its kind in Canada and is a true example of innovation and forward thinking. The station allows users to turn human kinetic energy into usable power; charging your daily essentials and at the same time putting health at the forefront.

The True Value of Energy

I think the pedal powered workstation is such a brilliant idea.  Not only is it a great way to generate power, but it also keeps you active in the workplace. I have so many friends that have office jobs that sit all day long and barely get any exercise. With the Smart Cycle, you can stay active even at your desk. You can even set the resistance of the cycle to your preferred level and there’s an app that lets you know your speed, distance, the amount of energy you created and the status of your charging device. A fully charged battery can charge up to 4 phones and two tablets! What’s more, this green energy can be used instantly or can be stored allowing you to “pay it forward” for others to use later. Who knew exercise could be so fun and put to such good use!

It’s only recently that our family really began learning more about how to decrease our energy consumption. While we’ve been finding small ways within our own household to save energy, this workstation really showed what can be done on a larger scale. How much better would it be if we could control the amount of power that we use this way? It could truly make a difference in the way we consume energy and possibly create many positive changes within our world.

We have become more forward thinking with Ava and have made many efforts to encourage her to think outside the box.  The pedal powered workstation was an eye opener for her. It was incredible to watch her realize that with the energy she has within her; that she can create the energy needed to power some of our own electronics.

Go see it yourself! The Smart Cycle will be at the Vancouver Home and Design Show Thursday October 22nd -25th, located at the Vancouver Convention Center in the West Building – 1055 Canada Pl. Bring the kids and challenge them to try it out to experience firsthand how they can use their human kinetics to create usable energy.

The Smart Cycle is one aspect of BC Hydro’s ‘Offtober Saves’ initiative, which encourages all British Columbians to be smarter with their power. Visit their site for energy efficient tips, deals and rebates and play their Offtober Savers Keepers game and enter to win great prizes!  You could win the Grand Prize of a Samsung ENERGY STAR laundry pair, 4K Ultra High-Def Smart TV and Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar. They are also giving away daily prizes of $100 Best Buy gift cards and Philips Huge Portable LED Smart Lights, all courtesy of Best Buy Good luck everyone!