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I’m a busy mom of five. When I describe our lifestyle, it is always busy. Not because I choose for things to be busy, but because life is just busy with these many kids. I have had to find ways to make life easier on myself. If you’re in the same boat, here are some tips for you!

Realize you can’t do it all

I have driven myself crazy trying to make life perfect. I realized a while ago that not everything will be perfect. One way I have made life easier on myself, as a busy mom, is realizing that I cannot do it all. Whether I need to let the house go a bit or release some of the control I try to have around my house – I simply cannot do it all.


Make a list

I cannot tell you how much I forget on a daily basis. Writing things down in my calendar has saved my butt many times. Making a list doesn’t make you weird, it makes you smart. A busy mom can make life easier for herself by making a list, and of course checking it twice.

Stay as organized as possible

You guys, staying organized is truly the way to make life easier for yourself. When you stay organized, you’re able to be a better mom. Sometimes the day just doesn’t go right and you’re floundering around, but for the most part, try to stay organized.


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Do you have any tips for how a busy mom can make her life easier?

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