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I’m a big fan of the little helpers. The ones that make your life easier in the way of convenience and family function; hands full, children running, tea in hand, juggling everything all at once. When I’m alone, I’m pulling a carry on, in one hand, passport in the other and toting a backpack. It’s a struggle to organize when you’re constantly moving from one errand to the next, from one city to the next. Constantly balancing a million things at the same time.

I used to resist what I didn’t know, staying in my own comfort zone instead of trying new things. Why fix what isn’t broken? It’s been a metaphor for my life that’s turned itself on its head. Change is good. New ideas and conveniences can be good if you are able to get unstuck and try them. They might even change your life. We are meant to grow, change and explore. Stagnancy is against our nature, yet somehow as we get older a switch turns off that makes us want to stay in that sort of comfort zone. Not me. No more.


I’ve found the little things you wouldn’t think twice about, make such a difference. Electronic boarding passes, backpacks with hidden zippered compartments and Interac Flash®. Tapping a card for payment, versus selecting accounts, pin entry, inserting cards and pulling them out again. It makes things a whole lot easier. Interac Flash is the fast, easy and secure way to pay. It’s funny because using my Interac® debit card is one of the main things I miss when traveling to the United States. You don’t realize how often you use something, when you need to go without it. The only cash in my wallet is American. I don’t carry Canadian currency as I use my Interac Flash for everything.

I was in Quebec City over the weekend and used my Interac Flash while purchasing coffee and lunch during work breaks, continuing straight through at the airport without skipping a beat to put in my pin. It’s effortless and requires no extra time or thought. When you’re running from connection to security line, Domestic to International and you need to purchase something, the last thing you want is an extra step. It’s been a game changer in my work, family and travel life.


Interac Flash is faster than chip debit, more secure than cash and is more convenient than cash. I can’t remember the last time I used my pin…how about you? Do you use Interac Flash?


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