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Most of my trips these days consist of running to the store grabbing a few things, heading to another store because one kid realized they needed a card for a party that starts in an hour, get another child to swimming, pick up my oldest at her friend’s house, drop the one off at that party and then realize that I still haven’t gotten anything for dinner yet. I needed a new way to do my everyday shopping trips and make things a little more convenient. Having one kid on my hip, holding the hand of my other young one and trying to input a PIN while checking out literally meant playing twister. Now with just a tap, I can be on my way.

My days are busy and I am finding that as the summer winds down and we get closer to back to school time, my days are becoming increasingly more full. With doctor’s appointments, back to school shopping and blog work, I need to get the things I need to get done quickly and efficiently. Interac Flash® lets me do just that while keeping my money safe and secure. By using the tap feature on my debit card, I can save a few minutes each and every time I shop by not having to input my PIN at checkout. In fact, Interac Flash incorporates all the built-in protection of Interac® Debit with even more protective measures to ensure my money is always safe.

I won’t lie to you but I was worried when the tap feature first came out. I did not switch my debit card over to it because I was concerned that someone could just take my card and steal the money in my account. Being on a tight budget with five kids means I always worry about my money, as I’ve had money stolen from me a few times that had nothing to do with losing my card. Embracing the change and switching over to the debit card with the Interac Flash feature was not something I took lightly and I even had the feature set to a low limit of $25 so that I felt more secure knowing that it could only be used for small purchases and I would know before it was too late. I also set my bank account up with a text to my cell phone feature so I know each time the card gets used and I can make sure it was a purchase I made.

With all of these features and the fact that I am busy and could use a few extra minutes to get back to the things that are truly important like my family and the blog, I am embracing change and doing my everyday things in a new way thanks to Interac Flash.

Do you use the Interac Flash feature when shopping?

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