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If you ask a group of moms, most will quickly tell you that they don’t put enough time into self-care. As a mom myself, I can totally vouch for that. I think I’ve been meaning to book a massage for myself for almost a year now with no luck. It’s simple, our priorities are our family and when we do put aside time for ourselves it includes things like solo-trips to the grocery store or using the washroom in private. RIGHT?

Well, I bet the same is true for dads. Or at least it is with my husband. While he’s on top of his game at work and helping around the house and taking an equal share in responsibility with the kids, he is not very good at taking care of his own needs. For example, he’s been putting off getting new eye glasses for years now. While he wears contacts daily, there are days when he prefers to wear his glasses instead. Except, his glasses are broken (thanks kids!). I finally forced him (aka – booked him an appointment) to go get new glasses and honestly, he was so happy I did.

In fact, he was extremely happy with the entire experience he had at Pearle Vision. Between the option to choose from two locations near our house to the fact that he was able to get his eye exam* and select his frames all in the same visit, he couldn’t believe he has been putting this off for so long.

I don’t know about your significant others, but John likes to do everything quickly – especially shopping. No wonder he said that the efficiency of the entire process was his favourite part. While everything moved along quickly, he never once felt rushed. He felt that both the eye care experts and the Doctor took their time to explain the various tests and procedures they were conducting and asked him a lot of questions to truly understand his needs, background and history when it comes to his eyes.

They also billed our insurance plan directly which meant less paperwork for us to worry about – now that’s a parenting win!

The eye care expert was also super helpful when he was selecting frames, especially since John is very particular. I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen him deliberate about a purchase longer than he did when it came to selecting his frame. However, it wasn’t an easy task since Pearle Vision carries such a great selection of frames from brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Coach and Ralph Lauren. John ended up selecting Ray-Ban frames.

Since Pearle Vision has such a great offer right now, where you can get up to 40% off your second complete pair, John jumped at the chance to also purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses. The best part is that both glasses were ready for pick up within a few days!

Now is your turn to take care of yourself and show your eyes the love they deserve! Arrange your eye exam* today and book it online by clicking HERE!

*Eye exams arranged

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