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Disclosure: I was provided with a compensation for this post. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I personally believe in. All opinions and stories are my own.


As you move through the different stages of your life, things always change; where you live, who you live with, your style, etc. One thing that has remained consistent in my life since I was three and half years old is my glasses. Every morning, before my feet touch the floor, I reach out for my glasses. They stay on all day and are the last thing I take off before I fall asleep. They help me see objects in the distance, correct my lazy eye and are a defining characteristic of my personality.


Wearing glasses for over 25 years, I am no stranger to optometry offices, eye exams* or eye glasses shopping. When I realized I was past due for my annual check-up, I frantically searched for a location nearby.  After doing some research online, Pearle Vision popped up on my radar. Being a working Mom, I don’t have much time during  the day to call in and schedule an appointment, so I was extremely happy that I was able to find out that I could easily schedule an appointment online , after hours. By logging into their webpage, I was able to choose my appointment day, time and location with the click of a button. I was immediately sent a confirmation email and a promise of a reminder email the day before my appointment.


On the day of the appointment, I had my 3 kids in tow. Hoping, the office would be family friendly as they mentioned on their website, we made our way in the store. Immediately we were greeted by the eye care experts and shown to the receptionist office. The receptionist was expecting me and called me by name as I entered. Dragging 3 kids behind me was not an issue and she offered them Pearle Vision’s Eye Squad booklets and extra chairs to make them feel comfortable. It was a huge relief to be welcomed into an office so warmly—especially when you have kids with you!

After some brief intake paperwork, I was brought into the pre-testing room. In this room, there were three binocular-like machines used to test your eyes. Two of them were very familiar from my many visits to the eye doctors in the past, but one machine was brand new to me. The receptionist was great at answering my never-ending questions and was only too happy to elaborate on all the functions of the machines. I was very excited to see and hear about the new machine as the more information the eye doctor has about your eyes, the better they can help you. It was extremely pleasing to know that Pearle Vision was on top of their technology, offering their patients the best care possible.

After the tests were complete, I returned to the waiting room for less than 10 minutes, when I was then introduced to the eye doctor and her exam room. My doctor was Dr. N Khan. She was warm, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. We flew through the tests like old friends, and she welcomed my questions and concerns with genuine care. Again, similar to the pre-testing, there were a few different examines and machines, that I hadn’t experienced in the past and was impressed by the data being collected. As per my usual exams, I had the fun opportunity of getting drops in my eyes to expand my pupils, which left me 20 minutes of free time to search for new glasses.

The showroom was clean, neat and well organized. They had men’s glasses on one wall, women’s on another and children’s in between. When I began searching through the wide variety of frames, I was excited to see that the frames Pearle Vision offered were extremely high quality and featured some of my favourite designer brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Coach and Ralph Lauren. I can’t say enough about the styles and selection. They had a shape, colour and style for every face shape and colour. There was no doubt in mind that I would find the perfect pair of glasses.

Glasses shopping is probably one of my least favourite tasks. Think about it from my point of view. I wear glasses because I have vision problems, now I have to take off my glasses and try to find a new pair without being able to see clearly. It is quite a challenge. I have come up with tricks over the years like taking selfies with sample pair on then putting original pair back on to view them, asking my kids or husband for their advice and finally asking the sales people for their advice. The third becomes a little tricky because I know their JOB is to tell me it looks great and sell me the glasses. I didn’t have this experience at Pearle Vision.

The eye care expert was friendly and knowledgeable. Before I began searching, I was told about their deals and how the showroom was organized. Walking around the showroom, I was immediately greeted by a helpful vision expert. He explained how the store was laid out and pointed out some of my favourite brands. He told me about the amazing deal Pearle Vision is offering right now where you can purchase a second complete pair of high quality glasses for 40% off. With all the choices, I was glad that I could get two pairs of glasses for a great price! He answered all my questions and helped me select different styles and colours to try on. He was helpful and I didn’t feel pressured at all. Once I had chosen my glasses, he informed me that Pearle Vision would directly bill my insurance company so that I didn’t have to worry about completing the paperwork myself!

After my final tests with the eye doctor were concluded, the vision expert went over my options with me. I liked that they weren’t afraid to be honest. They see tons of faces and glasses on a daily basis it was refreshing to have them point out reasons why they worked or didn’t work without even looking at the price tag. I think we all agreed to a pair of frames that were cheaper than the other choices.

From the minute I walked into the office to the minute I walked out, I had had a thorough exam and was out of there in just over an hour. The kids were treated with respect and weren’t seen as a bother, I had an amazing eye exam with up to date technology and new machines, and I felt confident that the glasses I chose were perfect for my facial features. If you are due for your annual eye exam, I highly recommend you give Pearle Vision a try! You will be happy you did!

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