Disclosure: This post about Taking Care of his Eyes, is brought to you by Pearle Vision .As always, my opinion is my own.

When we think of taking care of ourselves, we think of going to the doctor and making sure we are healthy—but what about eye health? For me, this has been a priority since my daughter was about 3. I hadn’t thought about our eye health really until my sister-in-law mentioned that something called a lazy eye ran in her family, and that I should think about getting Jocelyn’s eyes tested. I took her to the Optometrist and she said something that completely shocked me, Jocelyn had bad vision and was probably struggling to read. I had no idea, she never said anything. Since then, our family goes for regular eye checkups yearly. Since I don’t wear glasses but go for yearly exams as well as taking my kids, I was curious about the service that Pearle Vision could provide my family and myself should I need glasses in the future.

My husband was a little lax on getting his eyes tested since he left England, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get his eyes tested and try Pearle Vision for the first time. From the very beginning, even setting up his eye exam* was a breeze and done easily online. We had a time at a location near our home and even received a follow-up email and a phone call the day before to confirm. For me as a busy mom of 5, as well as working from home, I can’t tell you how important it is to be able to set appointments up online and be done in just minutes.  Also, the follow-up call to remind us of the appointment was a lifesaver for me as I don’t always write things down right away and can easily forget.

We arrived 15 minutes before his appointment and were immediately greeted by a very wonderful young lady who gave us some information we needed and some paperwork we needed to fill out. The entire time we were there, I felt completely at ease and the eye care expert was incredibly wonderful to deal with. I asked questions, my husband asked questions and we had some great conversations about eye health and eyeglass choices. Although I don’t wear glasses, I found it so great that she knew exactly what she was talking about and I felt like we were definitely in the right place for eye care.

When the doctor came out to get my husband, she was very friendly and asked him some questions. She also explained his exam like I have never seen. Even all the years I have been taking my children, I found this was one of the best visits I have ever been in. She was thorough and kept him informed of everything she was doing and what each test was looking for. I know that most people just go and get their eyes tested and never really know exactly what they are looking for and I thought it was so great to have her answering all of his questions and even the ones I was asking.  I have never had that kind of care anywhere else.  At the end of the testing, his prescription did change slightly.

The next part of the process was just as wonderful. The selection of very reasonably priced brand name frames was amazing and better than I have seen at the other places we have been too. The selection really and truly had everything for any budget. My husband hasn’t had new glasses in almost 7 years and has been wearing the ones he has now for even longer than that, so choosing something new and fresh was harder than I expected but the eye care expert serving us was so understanding, helpful and patient. I honestly felt like they wanted us to be absolutely happy with our purchase and I never felt like she was rushing us at all.

With so many brand name options like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Coach and Ralph Lauren, it did take us close to 45 minutes to choose something he absolutely loved. In the end, I know that his new glasses are going to be a great fit. I actually really love the frames he chose and it was really nice to have the level of customer care that we received at Pearle Vision.

Also, I spent some time browsing the selection of women’s frames too. I even tried on a few just because and I think if I ever need glasses, I will never have a problem finding the perfect pair for me at Pearle Vision. Actually, I think I might just go back and get some sunglasses with polarized lenses because they just have so many perfect pairs.

Our experience here was so great and the eye care expert helping us made the experience even better. She knew so much about the frames and lens choices and was able to answer all of our questions. She really helped my husband choose the best frame for him. She didn’t try to push us to buy extras that we didn’t really need and was very honest about the differences in lenses. She went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our purchase and experience.

At the end of our appointment, my husband chose two pairs of glasses. One pair as regular, everyday glasses and the second, a pair of prescription sunglasses. We got a call that his glasses were back the following week and we went in to pick them up and make sure everything was okay.  I will tell you that in previous experiences with other vision care providers, if there was something wrong they didn’t really do much to help me. Pearle Vision was not like that at all.  There was a slight issue with my husband’s glasses and it was making everything blurry even with the glasses on.  The eye care expert who had helped us originally again went above and beyond to make sure my husband was completely happy. She sent the glasses away to be fitted with a different lens material at no cost to us.  The whole experience was eye-opening for me as I have never been treated so well and I really felt like they took making us completely happy as a top priority.

I will be bringing my kids to Pearle Vision because I have never had such great customer service anywhere else and with direct-bill to your insurance, the experience couldn’t be easier.

If you are due for an eye exam and some new glasses then head over and arrange your eye exam online now and visit your nearest Pearle Vision where I can truly say I received one of the best customer care experiences ever and right now they are offering 40% off the second complete pair.

*Eye Exams Arranged