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I have a confession! It had been YEARS (like, 7) since I last had my eyes checked. That is way too long to go without checking something, especially when I work so hard to take care of my body.

The crazy thing is that I know I should be wearing glasses. I also know that my previous prescription was no longer working for me and I STILL put off getting an eye exam* for that long; it truly doesn’t make sense.

I was actually giddy on the day I was headed to Pearle Vision to get a proper eye exam and pick out some new frames. All I kept thinking was, “It will be so nice to SEE properly again.” You know it’s time for an eye exam when…

Yes, it was time for me to get my vision checked and choose some new frames, but the part of the eye exam that is often easily forgotten is the fact that not only is your vision being checked, but your EYE HEALTH as well. How many times do we drag ourselves to the doctor’s office for an ache or a bump or whatever concern we may have? We go for regular check-ups with our GP, so where’s the eye love in our self-care routine?

As I was thinking about that, it made me wonder if the idea of an optometry appointment may be more daunting for some? Speaking from very recent experience about my eye appointment, it was so easy, so fast and I felt like the doctor really listened to my concerns. So, specifically so that my new prescription takes into account that I spend most of my time in front of a screen (computer and phone). I’m really looking forward to this new pair of specs. And speaking of specs…

Pearle Vision has the most incredible selection of frames! Oh, my goodness. Everything from Versace to Ray-Ban to Oakley and everything in between. There are frames in the $100 range and on the higher end as well, so there’s really something for everyone there. They are currently running a promotion of 40% off your choice of a second complete pair. Either way, you’re coming out on top and your eyes will thank you.

A great feature is that your insurance company will be direct billed if you have extended health benefits so that you don’t need to worry about submitting your claim after the fact. My whole appointment was actually so informative and everyone at Pearle Vision was so friendly. Something I was reminded of—and this is key for all you parents out there—kids under the age of 18 years get a FREE eye exam every year!

These are the ones I chose! What do you think?

My appointment was so informative and everyone at Pearle Vision was so friendly. Something I was reminded of—and this is key for all you parents out there—kids under the age of 18 get a FREE eye exam every year!

Book online appointments for your whole family with Pearle Vision HERE and take care of those beautiful eyes of yours!



*Eye exams arranged

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