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The other day my five year old and I were driving home from soccer practice, happily chatting about his day, when he suddenly started weeping in the backseat…

“Mommy, I miss Mexico” he wept in a heartbroken voice.


“When can we go back there??” he begged.

Granted I think he was feeling a little tired and emotional at the end of his long-kindergarten-soccer-practice day, but the point really hit home for me.

The trips that we have been fortunate enough to take our boys on really and truly do create strong and lasting family memories.

Not just for us, as the parents, but for our kids.


Family trips are such a special time to reconnect.

They don’t have to be to Mexico or anywhere by airplane.

It could be a road trip.  Or even renting a cabin on a remote little island, like we did last summer.

But wherever you go, it’s the time together that matters.

Time where you turn off the technology.  Leave the phone parked in your hotel room or your bag all day.

Time where you detach yourself from emails and work stresses and school and soccer practice.

Time to just be together but also to explore new places and experience new adventures.

Making memories that really do last for a lifetime.


But although they create fantastic memories, vacations are not always affordable.

Here’s a little trick to make it all work.

First you need to spend a lot.  On groceries.  On kid’s clothing and accessories.  At the hardware store.  All over town.

And use your credit card.  For every little thing you buy.

I do.  I pay for every single little thing possible with my credit card.

Right down to my daily Grande Americano fix.

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The way we spend on life, that translates into LOTS and LOTS of points.

Family vacations worth.


So why not use your regular life spending to fund your yearly travel plans?!

And start making those lifelong special memories with your family by spending smartly.

This post was produced in partnership with Scotiabank® More Rewards®* Visa* but all opinions expressed are my own.