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When you live my world no two days is the same. There are days I am running errands and taking the kids to their respective activities but today is just not one of those days. It’s only 12 pm, I’ve started dinner (crock pot is a life saver), the house is clean and the laundry is completed for the day. I’ve got a few more hours before the kids get home. This is the window I use to plan future blog posts, respond to emails, find inspiration for home decor, outfits and plan the menu for the week.

Talking about inspiration, where do you find yours? Blogs? Magazines? As a content creator and a mother, I am always looking for inspiration. I love reading blogs but magazines are still my favourite. Many of you may have noticed that through my photos. I am absolutely guilty of buying two to three magazines a month. The worst part of it all; I do not like to get rid of them even when they are a few years old. Hey, you never know when you will need that steak Panini recipe again right?

I remember talking to my husband a few months ago about ways we could reduce our paper clutter. He also loves reading magazines and still has paper bills from 2004 (yes, 2004). Clearly, we both have issues and the only solution at this point is to go digital.

A few weeks ago we were introduced to Texture; An app for magazines.

This app has 200+ magazines. I found all my faves, House & Home, Essence, Vogue, Instyle, People Style, Redbook, the list goes on. I was not sure how I felt about it at first because I am used to having my magazines in hands. After using it for only for a few days the pros just outweigh the cons.

How Texture works

The average cost of a magazine in Canada is about $6 an issue, Texture gives access to 200+ for $14.99 per month for the premium subscription. With just a few clicks, download the app on your IOS or Android device. You can create your own personalized library so you can always access your favourites. Your account can be shared amongst five different devices, which means that your husband and kids can also have access to them. My kids love the National Geographic Kids.

It’s a convenient and easy-to-use way to get everything I love to read in one place. The app allows me to dig deep into its archive. That means that my steak Panini recipe will always be there, just in a digital form. My absolute favourite feature has to be the download option. I usually download the newly available issues at home with the Wi-Fi, then I access them offline while I am on the go. While the kids are swimming or playing basketball, I am on the sideline finding inspiration for my new home project. Oh! Did I mention that my plane rides and road trips will never be the same again?

Another feature worth mentioning is the option to search and save specific articles (recipes, read later, outfit ideas…). These are articles and inspirations you will never find online or on Pinterest. I’ve even started to read magazines I never knew about. For instance, I was inspired by the stories of young influentials in the new issue of Adweek. These stories were a reaffirmation that we can become and do anything we want as long as we put in the work.

I would love to sit here all day to tell you about this amazing app, but remember I told you at the beginning of the post that I still have a few hours before the kids get home? I am going to use the rest of the time to read the new issue of Instyle magazine. Don’t forget to sign up for a Texture Account and use the promo code CurvesandCurls for  30 days free, plus 30% off a premium subscription for three months! Create your account, download the app and start reading!

The post is sponsored by Texture but all opinions are my own.