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As much as we love magazines, these days we don’t purchase them too regularly. But with convenient apps like Texture, we don’t have to worry about missing a month of our favourite titles, because we can access them all right from the comfort of our own home.

This subscription-based app offers an incredible amount of selection, choice, and breadth of content — making it a convenient and easy-to-use way to get everything you love to read about in one place. Rather than seeking out dozens of individual sites, apps or print issues, Texture has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for us to keep up with our favourite titles, whenever we want. Easily search the app’s entire catalogue, not just by magazine title, but also but by article topic or by subject.

Food magazines are obviously our jam (ha, see what we did there?) and it’s nice to be able to browse through all the latest titles to see what’s happening, and get inspired.

Whether we’re looking for ideas for our next weeknight dinner, or lounging in bed on a lazy weekend; Texture works perfectly to help keep our life as uncluttered as possible, while still offering a powerful amount of up-to-date content, right at our fingertips.

While many major publishers do offer free content online, a large majority is still saved solely for their digital and print issues — which means apps like Texture make it easy to stay in touch with what matters to us, without paying costly sticker prices on multiple titles we’re interested in reading.

With over 200 different titles to browse, Texture makes it easy to check out whatever magazines we choose, no matter the category. Even better, we can easily access back issues from many popular titles, and content can be read offline, making it a great pack- along for air travel. Users can save and sort their favourite articles for later reading, too, meaning you won’t be left searching for that favourite recipe or article you wanted to read later. Points for extra convenience!

Available to download from app stores, Texture is for use on tablets and smartphones. The premium plan is $14.99 (CAD) per month which includes monthly and weekly magazines like People, Us weekly, Time, Maclean’s and much more.  Visit for more information and to create an account. At sign up, use promo code Thefoodgays for 30 days free, plus 30% off a premium subscription for three months. Download the app and start reading! Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Rogers Texture.