Join The Co. every Friday for a roundup of five items that got our attention – and sparked a few conversations – during the week that was.

On our radar this week:

1. Younger Men

Get in touch with your inner Mrs. Robinson by taking a cue from Laurin Mayer’s cheeky – and we’re guessing, battle-tested – ideas for reeling in a younger man.

American actor, producer and star of the upcoming biographical drama, "Jobs," Ashton Kutcher poses for a portrait, on Sunday, August 4, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP)

 2. Chillin like a Villian

James Bond knows how to live well, no doubt. But, the bad guys, with their glamorous jungle lairs, island hideaways, and mountain retreats, do it even better. Grab your bucket list and cross-reference it with THIS: the world’s most opulent Bond villian-inspired hideaways.


3. Career Gaming

If your son or daughter has ever threatened to quit school and pursue gaming full-time, best not to share Jon Scarr’s interview with Celeste ‘BiiTTERSWEET’ Anderson, the Canadian pro gamer who reeled in the $100,000 prize on Season I of the TV reality show ‘King of the Nerds.’

Celeste Anderson Pro Gamer

 4. Mobile Fashion

Need another reason to be on your phone?  Connect with six super-cool and practical fashion apps that no self-respecting clotheshorse should go without.


5. Gourmet Hacks

Wishing there were more hours in a day? Conjure the next best thing with this deceptively simple seafood recipe your family will assume you spent all day slaving over. #metime


And that’s a wrap.  Happy Weekend from The Co.