1bigtip picky eater

By: Kristen Yarker

Is your child a picky eater? An important way to encourage picky kids to try new foods is to be a “trying new food” role model. As the saying goes: “actions speak louder than words”.

We’re constantly asking picky kids to try new foods. But be honest, when was the last time that you tried a new food (or re-tried a food that you didn’t like previously)?

Did you know that the physiology of our taste buds change as we age? These changes cause us to experience food differently. The result is that a food that you didn’t like as a child, you may enjoy now.

A fantastic side effect: you may discover new healthy foods that will contribute to improving your nutrition….

This is an excerpt from the article 1 Big Tip to Help Your Picky Eater which originally appeared on http://modernmama.com.