I’ve had two blogs and a handmade business; now I’m looking to start a small brick and mortar business with my husband. We’re practically paralyzed by all the information that we don’t know! That says to me that there is a lot left to be written. I’ve yet to find what I am really looking for–a business blog that lays out the basics and beyond in a simple, straightforward, and interesting way.

10+ Blog Writing Prompts: Business Blog

Here are some topics you could start with!

Website Traffic

I’ve read loads about SEO, but very little about what good numbers for blog traffic actually look like! What is good traffic for a beginner? 10 daily visitors, 100, 1000? At what number might advertising be an option? How long should I expect it to take to get there? How much time should I allow for growth without profit before deciding it’s time to revamp?

Getting Started

It’s hard to get started when you don’t know what you don’t know! After your first genuis idea, what do you do next in starting a business? And next after that? Who do you call, what professionals do you need to hire?…

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