I have to admit, I have gypsy blood; I’m a travel addict. In fact, I’m on the road as I write this! Since we travel often with my husband’s job, sometimes for months at a time, I am well aware of things your traveling readers might like to know! Here are a few blog writing prompts for travel blogs for the next time you’re stumped on a post:

10+ Blog Writing Prompts For Travel Blogs

How to Get Around

Is the public transportation in an area good? What is the best way to pay for public transit (each trip, weekly, monthly?) What are your options if public transit is poor? How about a comparison chart of local car rental places? Which cab company is the best? An article on “what your map app won’t tell you” could be fun and informative–I’m always looking for farm stands and food trucks that can’t be found with a search engine.

Travel with Kids

Although plenty of “free/cheap things to do with kids” blog posts exist for big cities, they are also always in demand and may not have been done for less populous areas. Vacations can get expensive! This kind of post could also be updated and re-posted yearly to reflect changes and additions.

What are your tips for getting through an airport with babies/toddlers/multiple children? How can you streamline your trip through security? What extra safety precautions can you take? How do you help kids enjoy a long car ride? How about a list of the ten best audio books for kids? How do you help your kids sleep in a strange place? How do you prepare them for cultural differences? What if your child needs to see a doctor while you’re traveling? The list of child/travel topics is practically endless!…

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