In the months leading up to the start of Kindergarten, I put together a list of different skills I needed to work on with my daughter to ensure she was prepared. Fortunately, I didn’t have a lot of things on my list since she has such a passion for learning, but it was the little things, like learning how to dress and undress herself, feeling comfortable enough to use a public potty, and understanding that it’s not socially acceptable to lick everything she sees that we needed to work on.

She also needed a little more coaching on learning how to hold a pencil correctly, and while watching her trying to cut a piece of paper with a pair of child-proof scissors one day, I realized we needed to work on that as well.

So I did a little bit of research online, and I stumbled upon this list of 11 tips for teaching kids to cut with scissors on Miss Mancy’s Blog, which is filled with great tips and tricks to help little hands learn how to use scissors correctly, and it inspired me to collect a bunch of scissor activities for preschoolers that we can work on together.

Here are 10 of our favorites!

1. “What is Hiding in the Grass” Cutting Activity (School Time Snippets)

2. Improving Scissor Skills with Play Dough (Sugar Aunts)

3. Dot and Cut Fine Motor and Scissor Activity (Powerful Mothering)

4. Watermelon Scissor Skills and Paper Plate Craft (Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails)

5. Icicle Scissor Skills (Sugar Aunts)

6. Simple Jet Craft (Reading Confetti)

7. Spring Tulip Name Puzzle (How Wee Learn)

8. DIY Cutting Station (No Time for Flash Cards)

9. Paper Bag Jellyfish (No Time for Flash Cards)

10. FREE Cut it Out! Cutting Practice Packs (This Reading Mama)

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If you're looking for fun ways to teach your child proper scissor skills, these cutting activities for preschoolers are exactly what you need. I suggest starting with # 5, but #1 is pretty fun!

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