The Internet, while totally amazing in many ways (here’s lookin’ at you, NETFLIX), can also quickly become a force of evil… especially once you become a parent. While you always open your browser with the purest of intentions, it’s inevitable that every now and again, the Internet will lash back at you with an unexpectedly strong blow – scrambling your brain like an egg and forcing you to retreat and reconsider every decision you have ever made in life. Here are a few  of those unfortunate scenarios:

1. When your kid got a minor rash so you Googled “infant skin rash” and accidentally hit the “Images” tab. *shudder*

2. When you started researching the cost of daycare and your most recent FarFetch search items kept popping up in the sidebar, as if to mockingly say “AH HA! You’ll NEVER afford me now!”

3. When your friend posted an article about how French kids eat blue cheese and frois gras and as you read it, your own child was in the middle of refusing to eat his stupid dino-shaped chicken fingers.

4. When you decided to Google all the possible harmful effects of The Ferber Method… While letting your kid cry it out for the first time….

This is an excerpt from the article 14 TIMES YOU WISHED THE INTERNET WOULD JUST DIE ALREADY which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.