My sister and I created a new family tradition last year. It was our first Christmas without our dear dad, and while a part of us wanted to pretend the holidays weren’t happening, another part desperately wanted to keep his memory alive. And since it was the first year my daughter really understood the concept of Santa Claus, we decided to host our first of what we hope to be many Christmas cookie decorating parties.

I had great intentions of making my own butter cookies for the big day, and even contemplated making my own icing, but ended up making a mad dash to the grocery store for provisions just before heading over to my sisters place. I just wasn’t organized enough, and even though our cookies looked and tasted delicious, I kind of regretted that I didn’t put more effort into the whole experience.

So this year I’m thinking of making gingerbread men for us to decorate, and while I was searching for the perfect gingerbread cookie recipe on Pinterest, I was absolutely SHOCKED at how many other delicious gingerbread desserts I found.

I’ll probably be too lazy to make any of them this year, but on the off chance there’s another person out there who loves gingerbread as much as I do, I decided to share some of the most scrumptious-looking gingerbread recipes I found.

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From Christmas cookies and Christmas desserts to lattes and smoothies, this collection of gingerbread recipes is the molasses- and ginger-lover's dream come true!

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