We’ve made it through January – which is easily the toughest month of winter in my opinion – but alas friends, many cold winter days still lay ahead. These first months of the New Year can seem gloomy and gray, especially as the temptation to hibernate is very real. But, before you browse for the cheapest flight south, I’ve got some simple ways to help you enjoy the season and keep your winter blues at bay.

Make Hot Chocolate To-Go

Somehow packing up provisions and trekking into the wilderness (ie. concrete jungle for us city dwellers), makes me feel like I’m embarking on an adventure. I recommend teaming up with a girlfriend or your sweetheart to double the fun! Fill a thermos to share or two smaller ones if you want separate cups. You can add milk to your favourite powdered blend, or try a velvety homemade rendition if you’re feeling fancy. And don’t forget marshmallows! Take that thermos for a walk in the woods, to a park, or simply downtown. Hold hands and catch up, then refresh with your warm and inviting bevy.

Tip: adding a little Baileys to your hot chocolate is sure to keep you extra toasty on the walk home!

Go Skating Outdoors…

This is an excerpt from the article 3 Ways to Enjoy Winter which originally appeared on www.thewonderforest.com.