Restaurant LGrosluxe is tapping into the nostalgia of our childhood for the second year with it’s Grilled Cheese Month. 30 days of comforting  and different grilled cheese recipes. That simple.

But simplistic is definitely not the word to describe those recipes. From the Steak and chimichurri, the Grilled spinach, cauliflower and cilantro to the Blueberry, cream cheese and frosting sugar on raisin bread, meat lovers, vegetarian and those with a sweet tooth alike will find to their taste.


(credit: Patricia Brochu)

My foodie squad or #teambunMTL? Here with Veronique Harvey (left) of Journal de Montréal and Anne-Love Étienne (right) of Journal 24 Heures (credit: Patricia Brochu)

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Blueberry, cream cheese and frosting sugar on raisin bread

LGrosluxe Grilled Cheese Month takes place all throughout the month of November (1-30) and in all five locations. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your grilled cheese and to tag us with #lemoisdugrilledcheese on Instagram.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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