Summer is something I really look forward to during those last two months of school – trying to figure out a few more lunch ideas and driving my kids to all of their end of the year wind-up stuff gets so tedious in May and June. I am always so excited for it to be over. This year, my girls and I had some epic plans for the summer; workouts and beach days, we were going to have lots play-time. While we haven’t done as many workouts as planned – hey, this mama is still working! – we have crossed a lot of things off of the summer-to-do-list. With a flurry of guests visiting from all over Canada, we have also done some things that maybe we wouldn’t have taken time to do on our own.

Here are 4 things I think you need to cross off your summer-to-do list before your kids head back to school:  

Hit up an Amusement Park!

I am not really one for rides, but I do love the energy of an amusement park. Seeing your kids run from ride to ride, wait in lines with no complaints, and scream and laugh at the top of their lungs, is really pretty fun to watch. I did go on one ride at Vancouver’s Playland, but honestly, most of them scare the shit (literally and figuratively) outta me.

White rock bC, white rock pier jumping, white rock

Visit a body of water near you.

A lake, the ocean, on a boat or at a cottage, something about hanging around the water is always fun. Watersports like surfing, waterskiing or paddle boarding are great for bonding and family fun, but even just hanging out on a boat says summertime! We are lucky to live close to a beach, so pier-jumping is a fun summertime activity for my kids. Our friends from Ontario had a blast jumping in – I have yet to do it since usually my job is being the photographer, but am hoping to get enough courage to join the kids before summer is finished…

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