My mom has always set an amazing example about how to be a great community member. For as long as I can remember, she has been helping people and involved in groups in our local community however she can. She has been involved in numerous committees at our church, and helped out at school. She shares our green thumb with neighbours who are older, and loves to guerrilla garden anywhere that it looks like might need her help.

Talk about using your time, talent and treasure to help others. As a busy working mom of two, I try to give back in whatever way I can. It is a challenging endeavor to balance. I am surrounded by many great volunteers through my work and community who inspire me to help where I can as well.

So here are my top four tips on how to get more involved and give up back in your community this year.

How To Get More Involved in Your Community

1. Pick a Cause You Love

Fond memories of the Girl Guides of Canada program that you went to as a kid? Or maybe it was the sport coach who made a big difference in your life. Go back and be the caring adult in another individual’s life….

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