With Bud Light Digital Dreams Festival right around the corner, we really can’t contain our excitement much longer. Getting #festivalready is the best part of any festival experience and the more prepared you are, the more you can enjoy the party.

After going to the festival for the past few years, we know a thing or two about how to make the best out of our Digital Dreams experience. If you haven’t gotten your tickets already, you can get them here.

Now, let’s talk about how to prepare for the best weekend of the summer.

  1. Get to know your DJs

The best part about Digital Dreams is the variety of genres and DJs it brings to the city. While you may already have your top 10 list all planned out, we strongly encourage you to stage hop and venture out of your comfort zone. Yes, mainstage is amazing and the visuals are crazy, but you never know what new favorite artist you’ll discover if you wander off the beaten path and try something new.

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