We were so honored to have the brilliant Melissa Taylor share these tips in 2012 for helping a reluctant reader discover a love for books. Her advice is wonderfully helpful, so we are republishing it now to help more parents encourage their children to read.

As a teacher and avid reader, I dreamed that my kids would be just like me and love to read. Oh, the shock of reality.

Not only did my first daughter, AJ, not want to sit for an entire picture book, she actively resisted reading. Visualize me chasing her around the house with a picture book trying to finish the story.

It became clear to me – eventually, I’m a slow learner – that AJ hated to sit still. So, I figured that I better find a way to make reading active instead of “sitty”.

Here are eight strategies that worked to get my active child reading, that can work for your child as well.

1. Audiobooks

Listening to an audiobook isn’t reading text but it is building a love for stories, and an understanding of story elements – plot, conflict, characterization, and so on. It counts and it works.

2. Mealtime Reading

Don’t worry about reading to your kids at bedtime if you can fit in some good books during the day – like at snacks and mealtime. When my daughter was strapped in her highchair, happily eating, she became a captive listener to all the picture books I could read….

This is an excerpt from the article 8 Ways to Help Your Reluctant Reader which originally appeared on 5 Minutes for Mom.