I have been making numerous discoveries lately about myself and my attitude towards many aspects of life, one of which being dating. One such discovery is that I do not in fact think that our generation is realistically wired for monogamy, and therefore fairy tale relationships aren’t feasible (I’ve written on the subject many times). It seems, however, that my newfound confidence in myself as a single person, combined with my general disinterest towards committed relationships has occurred simultaneously with a rare influx of guys throwing themselves at me (Coincidence? Perhaps.) I find it interesting that my negative attitude towards relationships is serving as pheromones to attract the opposite sex, but there is something else I have discovered while wading threw the memories of the boys inadvertently left in my wake: guys don’t deal with rejection as well as they think they do.

Boys tend to label girls as “crazy” at the drop of a hat. When someone is rejected in a romantic situation, they tend to act in a way they normally wouldn’t. We’re all guilty of it, whether you care to admit it or not. However, it is largely the female population that gets stuck with the “crazy” label, while guys (in my own personal experience) tend to think that any and all behaviour is acceptable without any consequences whatsoever. I’ve also seen a sense of entitlement emerge in a way I never thought possible. If I double-text a guy, I’m insane. Yet, when I don’t respond to a barrage of drunken texts at 3am (literally like, upwards of 10 in a row despite no response) I’m a bitch. Vulcan logic at its finest. Males feel they are entitled to a response from every girl, yet also feel they conversely have the right to rudely ignore whomever they choose. They feel they can come and go as they please in the lives of girls who have genuine feelings for them, yet when the same attitude is shown towards them it is simply inhumane. Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t work that way. Either you acknowledge that callousness is a sad reality of life and therefore when it happens to you it isn’t a big deal, or acknowledge that it’s shitty and therefore you shouldn’t act that way towards anyone else. You can’t have it both ways.

The double standards plaguing the dating world are becoming exhausting. I discover that I enjoy sex, and would therefore like to have it (safely) as often as I’d like, with whomever I’d like, while making my intentions absolutely clear to prevent anyone from getting hurt. This apparently makes me a slut. However, when a guy lures me into a false sense of emotional security only to have sex with me, and then ghosts in the blink of an eye only to do this subsequently with whatever girl he chooses, this makes him awesome. I get that the male/female slut dichotomy is nothing new, but it’s 2016, people. Let’s get our shit together.

This is an excerpt from the article Addicted To Love: Rejection Breeds Insanity which originally appeared on http://www.weraddicted.com/.