Some advice for the boyfriend or husband who thinks that the majority of household responsibility is still a ‘woman’s role’. I’m sorry your mother taught you that and I’m sure your mom is cool but I’ve got some news for you that she hasn’t told you. This is a new generation and in this generation, many women have careers. Back in the 50’s and maybe even 60’s, her advice would hold firm but this is 2016 and so that attitude is out-dated. So if you want to stay married and you don’t want her to go all Lorena Bobbitt on your ass, you better listen up.

Misogyny is dead.

Or it better not rear it’s ugly head in your house if you want to stay happy. We’re talking about an even playing ground now. I get the problem. Guys get married young and their last known experience with living with a woman was Mom who did their laundry, cooked their meals and turned a blind eye to the fact that they don’t lift a finger around the house. In short, she practically had you on a pedestal….

This is an excerpt from the article Advice for men on the division of domestic labour which originally appeared on Drinks at Six.