I call my feet “The Beauts” just to bug my hubby

The rodent has spoken and according to a groundhog (whose weather advice we are taking over a Doppler – which is like taking fashion advice from a Kardashian over Michael Kors – just sayin’… we’re nearing the end of another Canadian winter. I’m ready for spring though – but my pedicure is not. So we’ll have to do something about that. Guess I’ll just have to add ‘spa’ to my ever growing list of chores. Sigh. Poor me.

We’re starting with yet another message from the universe channeled through our very own conduit – Monica! Today’s message? Thoughts become things….. When you hear Monica explain it – you’ll really want to spend some time thinking about your thoughts! Monica shares some great tips on how to make sure your making this a positive experience instead of a train wreck.

Glorifying wine

This chick is glorifying wine! This chick is glorifying wine!

It seems a lot of Mom’s are hailing wine as their not so secret little helper! There are thousands of wine memes and gifs that make fun of how much fun we have with wine! But like any other alcohol, it’s a slippery slope from fun to crutch to addiction. So how can we have a healthy relationship with wine? Does cleansing lead to binging? What are you using it for and are you at risk of developing a problem? We’re talking wise on wine and we think it’s something worth listening to because developing an addiction isn’t really that funny. People make memes and animated giphs of you and that ain’t cool….

This is an excerpt from the article Are we glorifying wine? which originally appeared on Drinks at Six.