I hope you’re a cheese fan, ’cause this post is ultra cheesy! ????

Cheese goes on almost everything in my house – I’m not ashamed to admit it! haha

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved cheese – as a kid I had cheese sandwiches for lunch almost EVERY day.

I would also always try getting my hands on that special extra sharp cheddar cheese my Papa (grandfather) would hide away in the fridge. I loved it so much it would often disappear if I found his cheese stash! Poor Papa!

Well, now that I’ve been an adult for quite some time now (I think?), I don’t have to resort to swiping my family members special cheese. The deli drawer of my fridge is packed with cheese. Absolutely PACKED! ????

If you’re also a cheese lover like me, you’re in luck because these are some of the cheesiest recipes I’ve seen this week! Enjoy!

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Awesome Cheesy Recipes - Pins of the Week! from dishesanddustbunnies.com


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