Here’s how I imagine one of the earliest conversations ever to have gone down:

CAVEMAN: Look, cavewoman! I have unlocked the secret to controlling fire by banging these 2 rocks together!

CAVEWOMAN: Cool… check out this awesome sling I made to carry our young in – I whipped it together out of leftover wooly mammoth hide!

The tradition of “wearing” one’s offspring is one that’s pretty much as old as dirt. Makes sense though, doesn’t it? Ancient (wo)man had shit to do.. Imagine if nomadic peoples couldn’t sling their kids onto their backs when they embarked upon 100 mile trecks? How would the gatherers gather if they couldn’t attach their babies to their bodies to free their hands? 

Today’s mamas are busy too – there are errands to be run, houses to be maintained, meals to be made (if we’re lucky, meals to be eaten), work to be done. We may not be foraging for wild berries (that’s what farmer’s markets are for), but we have one thing in common with our ancestors: we want to snuggle our littles and we want to be productive… AT THE SAME DAMN TIME…

This is an excerpt from the article BABYWEARING | THE BEST THING SINCE, WELL… FIRE. which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.