Bento Lunchbox Ideas

Back to school means back to lunches. How has the first week been? If you’re struggling, you might want to move to a Bento lunchbox.

Kids absolutely love to pick and choose from a wide variety of foods in smaller serving sizes. The different compartments are perfect for little fingers and it’s easy to see if you’re creating a well balanced lunch. You’ll see from the ideas below, going Bento style doesn’t mean you have to do away with sandwiches or leftovers. Quite the opposite. Just fill up the remaining containers or compartments with easy, colourful choices. And, if you have something you’d like your kids to try more often, adding to lunch is a low pressure way get them to have a bite. Of course, it’s not just for kids. I love being able to make good use of all those bits of leftovers in the fridge and it helps keep flavours fresh.

Choosing a Bento Style Lunchbox

You don’t have to toss out all your containers to make the shift to sending a Bento Lunch to school, but it really does  make it easy to clearly see how many sections you have to fill each day and you have minimal parts to wash. Anything that makes lunch easier to pack is AWESOME in my world. // Bento Lunchbox Ideas Planet Box


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