I’ve been pretty anti-social (minus the press trips) in 2016. Even the lack of Pomeranian Fridays! I miss doing those. I’ve been saying no to hanging out with friends, and going to beauty events in San Francisco. I haven’t particularly felt too down the last month or so (about my father’s passing back in January). But I just simply felt content at home. Maybe that’s where I needed to be.

swanson-berry-farmJessica invited me to go to Davenport with her yesterday to go berry picking with her and her sons. Finally for once, I said yes. And wouldn’t ya know it I had tons of fun. I even stated that I needed to get back into taking Alfie on adventures again and post them every Friday like I used to. I don’t want to get into a comfortable routine or staying at home and not socializing. I like the adventure part of living here in California, especially at this time where I have completely free days due to the lack of work.



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