Happy Monday, everybody!
(Am I the only one who automatically thinks of Dr. Nick from The Simpsons when someone greets with “_____, everybody!” ??) I can feel your eyes roll. 

There are no Monday blues today because I am bringing you something to smile about! I’ve teamed up with one of the coolest chicks I know, Reece Sims, who earlier this year launched the site Whiskey Muse. This site isn’t for your faint at taste and is a site dedicated to men and women who enjoy a modern guide to classic malts. Using her knowledge of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etc. Reese brings together classic cocktails with a twist!

Today, we bring to you a playful spin on the Singapore Sling; The Black Cherry Sling.

I told Reese that I wanted a black cocktail and she did not disappoint! PSA: This drink will not turn your mouth black. Winning!

What we love about the Singapore Sling is that it can be manipulated in any way you like as long as you use it’s base of Gin, Cointreau and a cherry tasting something. To make this cocktail black, we’ve used activated charcoal. You’ve probably seen charcoal juices at your local fresh pressed juicery and thought, “there is no way I’m drinking that!” Truth be told, you can’t taste it and supposedly it helps to cure / hinder hangovers while absorbing metabolites and toxins…


This is an excerpt from the article Black Cherry Sling which originally appeared on http://the-unprecedented.ca/.